Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets for sale

Barnes & Woodhouse sell custom-built wooden pallets to trade and the public. We’ve refined and developed our processes over 50 years, becoming leading manufacturers in the process. From our warehouse in Middlesborough, we can design and build wooden pallets of all sizes, to fit your purposes.

Get in touch with us using the contact form or call us on 01642 224092 to find out how we can help you today.

Built by experienced craftsmen

Our craftsmen have spent decades building custom wooden pallets, in addition to hundreds of other bespoke timber products, timber fencing, and wooden crates. Their skill and expertise are second to none. Combined with our perfectly situated warehouse (close to both air and sea terminals) we are the ideal choice for your wooden pallet needs.

Wooden pallets built to your specifications

We can build any number of wooden pallets to your exact specifications. Whether you’re planning on using them for packaging, storage or as alternative garden furniture – we can provide expertly crafted wooden pallets that perfectly suit your needs. Tell us what you’re planning on using your pallets for and we can even offer recommendations on size and materials so that you get the product for your needs.

Wooden pallets stored in Barnes & Woodhouse warehouse

What do we use to make our wooden pallets?

Our wooden pallets can be produced in a number of ways, including heat treated to ISPM 15 standards, tanalised, dressed or sawn. If you’re unsure what these mean, read on:

Tanalised Wood

Tanalised wood is timber which has been impregnated with a specific type of preservative solution and put through pressure treatment. It provides lasting protection against insects, rot and fungal decay, and is resistant to leaching. Tanalised timber will usually last 30 years outside and 60 years inside.

Dressed Wood

Dressed wood is lumber which has been put through a planing machine, resulting in smooth surfaces on any or all sides.

Sawn Wood

Sawn wood refers to the process of converting logs into usable timber. The wood may be plain sawn, which is when a log is sawn without adjusting its position, or it may be quarter or rift sawn which has been sawed in such a way that the wood’s annual rings are perpendicular to the sides of the timber.

Finally our ISPM 15 timber has been treated with heat, and is suitable for international shipping. Wherever possible we purchase our timber from renewable sources.

Our wooden pallet process


Our process starts with you sending us an enquiry. Either call us on 01642 224092 or use the contact form on the right and let us know how many pallets you need, what size you’d like them to be and where you want them delivered. We’ll do the sums and give you a competitive quote and an estimation on how long it’ll take to get the job done. If you’re unsure of exactly what you need – then just ask! We can draw on over 50 years of trade experience to offer you guidance on the best materials and designs that will suit your purposes.


Once we know what you need, we’ll be able to carefully select the right materials for you. We use a wide range of hardwoods and softwoods (from renewable sources where possible) when manufacturing our pallets, and always ensure the highest quality possible. Whether you’re using your pallets for international export or indoor storage, we’ll have the best timber to suit.

Pallet design

Not all pallets are created equal. We can design your pallets to your needs, so that they are perfectly suited to their requirements. Before we start manufacturing, we’ll make sure that our designs will work in your environment. We’re happy to make any modifications to our standard designs that you might need, including custom notches for use with forklifts or pallet jacks.


Once the designs have been drawn up and we have our materials on hand, we can get to work completing your order. The time it takes to complete your wooden pallets will depend on the quantity of the order, we’ll be sure to give you an estimate of completion time so that you can plan around us.

Delivery or Collection?

We have over 50 years of experience completing large scale orders for business across the UK and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality products on time. If you’d rather arrange to collect your order then you can do so, safe in the knowledge that your products are kept safe in our secure warehouse.

Who are our wooden pallets for?

  • Export/Import businesses in need of any number of high-quality wooden pallets.
  • British businesses looking for a reliable established pallet manufacturer with decades of experience.
  • Smaller businesses in the retail or hospitality industry, looking for an alternative, low-cost furniture.
  • Television or film production teams.
  • Ordinary people looking for everyday storage solutions or DIY furniture/art projects.

Over 50 years of Manufacturing

As a nationally established business with over 50 years of successful trading under our belts, we understand the value of good business relationships. From the first enquiry to the final invoice, we pride ourselves on our efficient processes that have been refined with hard work and dedication. Although our wooden pallets might seem like simple products, we know that businesses rely on their construction to do what they do best – which is why every new pallet we produce is of the same, consistently high-quality as the last.

Get in touch with us today by calling 01642 224092 or using the contact form, let us know your requirements and we’ll give you a competitive price.