Wooden Crates For Sale

Wooden CratesWe produce wooden crates which are suitable for shipping in a huge range of sizes, but can also offer you tailor-made solutions for that particular item you’re packing. All of our wood is ISPM 15 certified so is safe to ship abroad – if you’re unsure of what you need, just get in touch with us. Whether you need boxes for jewellery or to ship a piano, we can find you the right crate.

Wood Shipping Crates

Shipping Crates and Wooden Crates

Barnes & Woodhouse specialise in manufacturing individual and standard sized shipping crates from a variety of materials including sterling board, plywood dressed board and sawn timber. Many of the timber crates that we produce are used for the shipment of heavy equipment and can be custom-built for this purpose.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture quality wooden crates from the raw materials, all from our warehouse in Middlesborough. Our skilled workmen have got years of experience in designing, cutting and assembling shipping crates of the highest quality – all of our work is bespoke and completed in-house. Working in this fashion gives us complete control over our product and guarantees satisfaction for our clients.

Wood Shipping Crates

Wooden Boxes In All Sizes

Our wooden boxes are available in a range of sizes from just a few centimetres up to many metres squared, and can hold tonnes of weight if necessary. We excel in producing high-quality large wooden crates to specification, but are also happy to recommend materials and dimensions if you let us know what you’re planning on shipping.

Wooden Boxes with Lids

Our trusted workmen have years of experience designing and constructing a wide variety of boxes and crates, including wooden boxes with lids. We’re proud of the accuracy with which our team execute their work and of the high quality bespoke orders that they produce. We’re happy to talk to you about your order’s specific requirements so that we can provide you with a quality lidded wooden box that fulfils all your needs.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

We specialise in building packing crates that comply with ISPM 15 shipping regulations, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your goods can be delivered around the world. All of our ISPM 15 shipping crates are made to order and are heat-treated on-site with our own drying kiln.

Our Materials

Whether we’re constructing just a few wooden boxes with lids, or a factory’s worth of large wooden crates, we aim to use as much materials from renewable resources as possible. We’re absolutely committed to adhering to our Environmental Policy and aim to source from within the UK before looking elsewhere.

We deal in all sizes and volumes, so give us a call or send us a message via the contact form to get a quote for your order of wooden packing crates.