Environmental Policy

In our line of work, we accept that our activities have an impact on the environment. The company is committed to undertaking its activities in such a manner as to ensure risks to the environment are prevented and minimised.

The company’s philosophy is as follows:

  • The company will meet the requirements of any environmental legislation that is applicable to its activities;
  • When purchasing materials the company will, where practicable, source those materials locally or at least from within the UK. This benefits local businesses and communities and also reduces fuel costs and emissions to the atmosphere from transport;
  • The company will ensure that all timber will be sourced from well managed forests, where possible FSC certified;
  • It is stipulated that all packaging of raw materials and finished products will be kept to a minimum and any packaging which does arise will be of the type that can be reused, returned or recycled wherever possible;
  • All waste will be kept to a minimum. When purchasing timber, optimum sizes will be bought to reduce amounts of waste produced.
  • Wastes will be assessed as to whether they can be reused, recycled or reclaimed, before being discarded into the skip.
  • Where possible, the company will seek to conserve other resources used in the fabrication process namely, water and timber preservative.
  • The company has a firm commitment to reduce the amount of energy used.
  • The company will communicate this policy and provide awareness training to employees to reduce resource use and energy, reduce waste generation and protect the environment.
  • This policy and its associated targets will be reviewed at least once per year and will be amended accordingly.