Heat Treated Wooden Crates and Pallets for Export

If you plan on shipping a product overseas within a wooden container, you need to make sure it’s ISPM 15 compliant.

Why should you Be ISPM 15 Compliant?

ISPM 15 was created by the Food and Agriculture Organisation in an attempt to prevent and control the spread of insects, pests and diseases which affect plant products – this includes both living and processed plants, such as wood.

Pests and diseases can be marginally inconvenient or potentially devastating. The chalara dieback fungus, for example, is fatal to ash trees, while Dutch Elm disease caused between 10% and 40% of elm trees to be lost in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, and another 20 million in the 1960s just within the UK.

Certain moths, whose larvae can reside in wood, are damaging to humans and to animals, while many beetles lay their larvae in trees allowing species to travel across long distances.

What Does It Affect?

The standard only applies to transport goods which are thicker than 6mm – that includes dunnage, crates, pallets, spools, packing cases, packing boxes and more. It doesn’t matter if they’re from softwood or hardwood.

What Is The Process?

It used to be that there were two ways to treat wood for shipping; heat treatment and chemical treatment. In 2010, methyl bromide as a form of chemical treatment was banned in the EU as a dangerous substance to both humans and the environment. Any wood that has been treated with methyl bromide and stamped with MB can still be used, but no new wood can be treated this way.

The only way to make the wood compliant now is to heat treat it. The wood needs to be heated through to its core at a temperature of 56°C for at least thirty minutes.

What About Your Products?

We have recently taken on our very own heat treating and drying kiln on-site. This allows us to prepare large items for shipping overseas without delay, as we are one of the very few UK companies with the ability to do this, saving you the time and effort that might have been spent getting the same service abroad.

We have been authorised by the National Plant Protection Organisation to heat treat our timber cases, pallets and any other materials which need to be sent overseas. We are assessed every six months, so you can be sure we haven’t left standards slip!

Any and all of our products can be made ISPM 15 compliant if necessary – you just need to ask.