Wooden Crates, Cases & ISPM 15 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply ISPM15 heat treated packaging for export to China, Australia etc?

Barnes & Woodhouse is registered with the Forestry Commission to supply ISPM15 packaging certification number FC 0773. We have produced wooden packaging which has been shipped to a large number of the world’s trading nations.

We have quality problems with our current wooden packaging supplier, can Barnes & Woodhouse help us?

Yes – we have been operating quality procedures for many years and constantly monitor our suppliers to maintain our reputation for offering quality products. The easiest way to answer this question is speak to our customers and ask for our references which can easily be supplied.

Do you make non-standard size packing cases, and do you have size limits?

We have provided wooden packaging for a vast range of items of all shapes and sizes – from centimetres squared to cubic metres, and with the ability to hold many tonnes in weight. Barnes & Woodhouse guarantee to suggest the most cost effective solution for your needs.

Do you have wooden packaging that can be constructed around our product which is palletised?

Yes – Many of our packing cases have a plywood sleeve or foldable/detachable front. With these cases goods can be palletised and the case sealed around them.

How can Barnes & Woodhouse save me money?

We have a large degree of expertise available in the design and engineering of wooden packaging. New packaging problems will be assessed by our partners. They are then passed on to our designers who are well trained, with substantial knowledge and the resources at hand to seek out the most cost effective solution – whether that may be to continue with the status quo or by the proposal of a new design of wooden packaging.

My cardboard packaging does not perform well, becoming damp on many occasions, do you have an alternative?

Plywood, timber and OSB (Oriented Strand Board) can often provide a cheaper and more effective packaging solution. Plywood, timber and OSB will not be affected in the same way as cardboard by moisture. In addition we also produce packaging with the inclusion of laminated foil barriers with desiccation allowing for long term storage in the most challenging environmental conditions.

We often receive incorrect and late deliveries from our current supplier will service improve with Barnes & Woodhouse?

Yes – We have only been able to supply a number of the largest blue chip companies in the North East by insisting upon the best service standards. We have also achieved a number of awards for supplier service.

Can you help me with packaging and shipping?

We provide additional packing services, either at your house or in our warehouse. We can also offer storage space, as well as freight forwarding.

We can also help with additional packaging such as laminated foil barriers, and desiccant to allow your crates to be stored safely even in damp environments.

Where do your materials come from?

Wherever we can, we use locally sourced materials (at least within the UK) which are either FSC certified or from well-managed forests. As a company which deals heavily with wood we understand that our duties have a real effect on the environment, so we try to be eco-friendly in everything we do.

Can you package expensive items like artwork and pianos?

We’ve got lots of experience in packing expensive and delicate items, and know that every project needs to be tackled differently. You can see some of our previous packing successes on our Blog – like packing delicate wire sculptures, and vintage cars with fragile stained glass windows.

It’s okay for things to be unusually shaped as all of our packing crates are made to measure anyway, and we know just the way to pad and protect your items.