Packing and Export Services

Barnes and Woodhouse provide a wide range of export services to assist you with your shipping needs.

Onsite consultation is available to assess your packing requirements and design suitability, where our plethora of experience in international and domestic shipping will help you to get the right product for your purpose.

Our crates can be made to ship delicate, large or awkwardly shaped items anywhere in the world – from moving all your earthly belongings to another country, to individual packages for overseas customers and even the shipping of business tools and machinery.

We can also provide warehousing, storage and freight forwarding services.

We can also aid you in shipping solutions – if you ever want to use wooden crates or pallets to send things outside of the UK, you need to make sure that the country you’re sending to will take them.

You might know that some countries like Australia have very strong regulations regarding plants and animals, but did you know that over 75 countries throughout the world adhere to the ISPM 15 regulations?

Every country has its own import requirements, which can be difficult for someone moving a lot or shipping a lot of products. The ISPM 15 makes this much easier to predict.

If you do try to send a piece of wooden material to another country without the valid treatment and markings, they are well within their rights to send it straight back, or even incinerate it. If that crate is holding your antique piano, you had better make sure it’s going to get through!

We now own our very own heat treatment kiln, suitable for heat-treating and drying large pieces of timber – up to five metres in length and 200 x 200mm in diameter!. For more information about how to obtain the ISPM 15 standards, why it’s so important, and what we can do, head through to our dedicated page on ISPM 15.

With over 50 years in the industry we are specialists in ISPM 15 heat treated timber. Barnes and Woodhouse are able to supply an in-depth variety of bespoke ISPM 15 compliant wooden crates, wooden boxes and also plywood and wooden pallets and packing cases.

Packing and Export Services