Wooden Crate Garden Furniture

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Thanks to the genuine creativity of some people and the current economic climate we are finding that more people than ever before are now interested in buying timber for making their own projects such as furniture.

There are some great websites out there featuring a wide range of projects. There are so many in fact that we’ve decided to split this blog into different sections so we can give due focus to each type.

Making garden crate furniture from pallets – why this is a great idea!

Wooden pallets are designed to be sturdy and be used outdoors so they are a perfect material to use for outdoor DIY furniture projects. No matter what size your back yard or garden is, there are always great ways to spruce it up with organic looking furniture such as tables, plant holders or outdoor seating.

Compared to the price of furniture that you could buy, making garden crate furniture from pallets is a really cost effective and satisfying project to undertake. You could perhaps even turn this into a lucrative business!


Here’s a small selection of some of the best ways that we found (all photographs and imagery are the copyright of original owner, we acknowledge this and we attribute all rights to those people and thank you for letting us share your great work with the world!):

Crate Garden Furniture Ideas

Outdoor Sofas from Wooden Pallets


Try for yourself – making your own garden crate furniture out of pallets

Making your own furniture out of pallets can be relatively easy and it’s something that anyone can do with the right guidance. Luckily there is a pattern to making garden furniture that you can follow; sometimes it’s just a case of being creative during the build process.

As long as you understand how the basics work, i.e. de-constructing the pallet and how to fix the different parts back together then the rest of the process should be a breeze.

So here’s how to do it:


How to dismantle a wooden pallet

Learn how to pull a pallet apart (safely). We could make a video or tutorial guide showing you how to do this but there are already so many great guides out there we decided to show you this pre-made one instead.


The steps required for dismantling a pallets are as follows:



Turn the pallet upside down and using a lump hammer knock the wooden supporting blocks out (chocks). It is advisable to use a strip of wood or something with that will not matter if it receives damage during the process to hit against. There is an offcut of a strip of wood being shown in the video.


Once all 3 of these supports have been removed (be very careful of the nails that stick up) turn the pallet over and careful knock the nails back through the wood. If you hit them too hard then they are likely to bend – use the technique shown in the video to straighten them. Turn the pallet over and use your claw hammer to remove the nails.


Once again turn the pallet over and knock the strips of wood exposing the nails as shown in the video, turn it over and remove the nails.


Finally knock out the chocks from the underside strips of wood that made up the underside of the pallet and you are done.


Please note: you do not need to do this whole procedure to make garden furniture made from pallets as quite often projects simply involve fixing multiple pallets together – this video simply shows you ‘how to dismantle a wooden pallet’ safely and properly so you understand how they are constructed.

How to Make a DIY Coffee Table


Making a coffee table – steps required


make a coffee table out of pallets

You could also include a foam and fabric top in your design (see other images).

Now you have a rough idea how you can dismantle a pallet and use it to make a simple project have a look at some other websites that have taken this idea and really developed it. Take inspiration from these websites and using the knowledge you now have, try and imagine how you could create them.

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Pinterest is a great site that features lots of inspirational ideas about how to make furniture with pallets.