Rabbit Hutches

We have over 50 years of experience in producing bespoke rabbit hutches that have suited a wide range of pet owner needs. As timber experts, we have the experience and resources to build custom rabbit hutches that are perfectly suited to the needs of your rabbit.

We treat all of these units with a Cuprinol stain which enhances the wood’s natural colour and provides a long-lasting water-repellent barrier.

Get in touch on the contact form at the side of this page to find out how we can build you a rabbit hutch built for your exact requirements.

Bespoke Rabbit Hutch


Do rabbits like hutches?

Rabbits need their own space to roam around and relax. Rabbit hutches act as the rabbit’s bedroom. Rabbits need to run, jump, stretch up, dig and forage, hutches give rabbits the best opportunity to do all these vitally healthy activities in a safe environment.

How big should a hutch be for rabbits?

Rabbit hutches should be at least 3m x 2m x 1m high. Rabbits should be able to stand up on their back legs without their ears touching the top of the hutch. RWAF (Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund) – the UK’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers – recommends that the bigger the hutch the better, as this will give the rabbit the healthiest environment to thrive within.

Why are rabbit hutches off the ground?

Rabbit hutches are raised off the ground on legs to repel predators and to prevent the base from becoming soddenly wet. Ideally, the rabbit hutch should be 3 and a half feet off the ground.